Jumat, 18 Juli 2014

Penjagaan Saat Lebaran Diperketat

Kumpulan SMS Ucapan Idul Fitri Terbaru - Surabaya City Government alerting combined 1,120 personnel across agencies for maintaining kondusivitas city during the Idul Fitri holidays. This is after many residents of Surabaya that homecoming to their hometown to celebrate Eid.
Head of Public Protection Bakesbangpol and Surabaya, Soemarno said officers were alerted thousands come from several agencies. Among them Satpol PP, Linmas, office cleaning and landscaping (DKP), transportation services (Transportation Agency), fire department (FMD), PU department bina clan, Diskominfo, health services, and social services. In addition, there are also outside the local government agencies such as PLN and Telkom.
Disclosed Soemarno, true widths range of security has been started since entering the month of Ramadan. Where the city government has established a post Ramadan in the nine agencies to conduct daily patrols and surveillance. The result, known to this day there are three places recorded in violation of the rules during the fasting month. All three are already in the dossier (dossier) by the officer on the spot.

"The number of employers who violate the entertainment this year could be said to be less when compared to last year. Within the same time frame last year there are 12 entrepreneurs RHU (house of public entertainment) is violated," said Soemarno in the public relations office of the City Government of Surabaya, on Friday (18/07/2014).
Special mini, Soemarni said, so far found no violations. All mini comply with the agreement calls do not sell alcohol during Ramadan.
Surabaya Transportation Department to ensure preparations ahead of Eid goes according to plan. At least 806 officers Transportation Agency alerted to watch in the terminal and a number of roads point. Two large terminals managed by the local administration, namely Purabaya and Pond Osowilangon also ready to serve the flow back and forth and back. As stated by Head of Operational Control and Surabaya Transportation Agency, Subagio Utomo.

CaraNesia - Especially for the long Eid holiday moments, according Subagio, Transportation Agency has anticipated by placing personnel on guard at some point the crowd. Sightseeing is crowded predict the Surabaya Zoo (KBS) and THP Kenjeran.
Transportation Agency personnel will help regulate the smooth flow of the traffic and drive visitors to the parking lot. For KBS, in addition to the parking area, visitors can put their vehicles on the road to the east side of the road Ciliwung Darmo.
Especially for transport, clearly Subagio, building materials transport vehicle, trailer or container and goods vehicles with more than two axes banned starting from H-4 to H + 1. "The ban at the discretion of land transport modes during Eid," said Subagio.

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