Selasa, 27 Mei 2014

Kakao Talk Merger with Internet Giant

Harga Samsung Galaxy S5 - Company pembesut Kakao Talk , namely Cocoa , made ​​a surprise decision to take action to merge with one of the largest internet companies in South Korea , Daum .
Cocoa is quite surprising decision , the article predicted they would do an Initial Public Offering ( IPO ) before 2015 , and is predicted to be able to lift the value of USD 2 billion company .
As reported Yonhap News Agency and quoted on Tuesday ( 05/27/2014 ) , this merger will create a new entittas named Daum Cocoa and the company will be worth USD 2.9 billion .
This decision was announced by Daum itself , but the company said the official announcement will be made of two South Korean service prior to 1 October.
Kakao Talk is meraksasa in South Korea , the number of users they stood at 140 million members , 90 % are in maan user in his own country .
Harga Baru - Despite dominating in Korea , Kakao Talk sejating still less flashy with Line and WeChat are so dominant in overseas markets such as Asia , Latin America , and Europe . Both have a number of members of each of the 400 million users and 390 million users .

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